Get a Strong and Sexy Spartan Body in 90 DAYS with the Spartan Renaissance Program - RESULTS GUARANTEED (Or full refund)


Let's not fool ourselves. Everything out there is designed to make you weaker.Man, by his own essence and nature, must be strong to properly fulfill his role in the family and society. To provide and protect.But not all is lost.As a man, it is your responsibility to gain all the power possible and offer your loved ones the best. And this includes your best version as a man.There are 2 key elements that a man can and must use to increase his power and status in society.One is money, as a result of providing value to others.The other is his physical strength and his body. And we're not just talking about aesthetic level.A strong and defined body is the result of a man who has learned to self-manage and respect himself.It's a symbol of self-control, mental strength, and discipline. This inevitably develops power.And it's a power that, unlike money, no one can take away from you. It's yours forever.And best of all, it will also help you increase your performance, energy, and self-esteem, which will inevitably reflect positively in your relationships and financial results.And you, who are reading this now, know that what I'm saying is true. You know it because we all recognize the truth when we hear it (or read it).And if that's the case, why don't all men look strong and in their best physical shape?If all the information and workout routines are on the internet, why don't most men do what they know is best for them and their families?

Well, this is because getting fit isn't just a matter of following an exercise routine or doing a diet.If that were the case, everyone would do it. But the reality is different...

Achieving the body you desire involves transforming yourself. It's all about BECOMING the person who naturally get those results.Not only for what he does. Also, and the most important, for who he IS.That's what will truly bring real consistency and long term transformation.

We're going to transform your mindset and habits to a depth where it will be easier for you to continue behaving like the new version of yourself rather than returning to the old sedentary patterns.Moreover, once you'll know how it feels, you won't want to go back ever again.



Training with your own body is the most comprehensive training system there is. Not only will you develop massive strength levels, but you'll also gain flexibility and mobility in your joints, which will help you live longer and with a better quality of life.


It's not about eating less or not eating. It's about eating real food when it's time to eat. The modern man eats without hunger and eats junk. With the Spartan method, you'll learn to nourish yourself in alignment with your nature. You'll regain your best physical form and energy levels that you thought were no longer possible to achieve in men over 30 years old.


The cornerstone of the Spartan method. It's not just about training and eating well. If you want sustainable results and lasting transformation, you have to BE the person who achieves those results. We will work on your mindset so that you adopt your new habits, both in nutrition and training, naturally and with minimal willpower.


This program is specially designed for busy men. Family men, working men, business owners. In short, men who have a busy life to manage and responsibilities to attend to.That's why Spartan Renaissance is created so you can achieve your physical goals as efficiently as possible, investing just the right amount of time, and most importantly, enjoying your transformation. No fluff, I know you're busy. Let's do what works.Furthermore, this program is designed to reconnect you with The Warrior and The King that every man has within. As a man, the connection with these two archetypes is essential to feel aligned and fulfilled, while also allowing you to fulfill your role to the fullest potential as protector and provider for your family and community, offering them and yourself your best version.


Jason (software engineer) from 84kg to 75kg in 24 WEEKS

His bodyweight progressions...

Leonid (developer engineer) 12-week process (and still ongoing!)

And of course, myself (Chief Executive Officer) 5 years after adopting the Spartan Phylosophy


  • Tailored 1 to 1 Coaching: Each man's situation is different. That's why I'll prepare a program specially and personally designed for you. So you can successfully achieve the physical results you desire, aligned with your personal situation and ambitions.

  • Accountabiliy: it's easy to cheat when you start implementing new habits. Having a coach to whom you are accountable will help you fulfill your purpose without fail. I'll be there to kick your butt if necessary so you can achieve success.

  • Personalized Bodyweight Training Program: I'll prepare a program based on your current physical level and weight, regardless of what they are. And I'll do it so that you can implement it to achieve results with just 6 hours of training per week.

  • Weekly Performance Tracking and Video Revision: What isn't measured can't be improved. We'll review your progress as well as the technique of your exercises twice a week to ensure not only that things are being done, but also that they're being done correctly!

  • Natural Eating Philosophy: It's not about going on a diet for 3 months and then going back to old eating patterns. It's about creating a healthy relationship with food and learning to eat in alignment with your nature. Your body will thank you with energy, strength, and beauty.

  • Customized Weekly Meal Plan:. Nutrition is KEY when it comes to making a physical change. And because you probably need guidance at the beginning to learn how to eat naturally, I'll prepare a personalized weekly meal plan based on the macros you need to successfully achieve your physical goals. No room for error.

  • 1-on-1 Mindset Work: It all starts with mindset. So, we'll begin with a 1-on-1 coaching session where we'll work to make you the person who naturally achieves the physical results you desire. First, be, then do, and then have.

  • Weekly Group Session: We'll have weekly live Q&A sessions with the other members of the program. These sessions will not only provide you with insights and answers from your program peers, but you'll also share the journey with other men like yourself, which will strengthen your purpose and make the process more enjoyable. Who knows, maybe you'll even make new friends along the way.



“Every lasting change inevitably involves personal transformation. And the quickest way to achieve it is working with someone who already walked the path."
- Coach Isaac Suarez

It will be a pleasure to company You on this journey.